Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coloring Without Boundaries Showcase Debuts

Hi Everyone!  Welcome   back  to  our   Lacy Sunshine  Challenge  Blog!  Things here  might  look  a  little different  then   normal,  for you that is,  because  today   debuts  artist Heather  Valentin's  NEW   Coloring  Without Boundaries  Showcase Blog,  which is all about the fun of coloring  for  all ages.  How  totally   cool  is  that!

Now,  before  I   explain more,  Lacy Sunshine's  Challenge   featuring  Heather's  amazing  Creative Teams  can  be  found at our Lacy Sunshine Color and Craft Blog. It's always  an   Anything  Goes Challenge every  two  week.

Now, our NEW  Coloring  Without Boundaries information,   this is  a  delightful  showcase  embracing  the  LOVE of  coloring  for  all.  Regardless  of   skill  level,  if  you color and  have   FUN  doing so,  this  showcase is  for you. 
Color   whatever  image or  coloring page  you  desire and  enter   our   monthly  showcase  for your  chance to  have   your  coloring  "Showcased"next month and  win  some  amazing prizes. 
Our  Monthly Coloring  Showcase   starts  near  the   first of each month. We will  showcase  our  amazing Team colorings for  wonderful  inspirations and  then  its  your  turn to   enter your  colorings  .... up to  three  times.
Remember ALL  colored images  are  welcome.  No need to   create  full projects   unless  you  so   desire. That is not   a  requirement on this   showcase blog.    Make  sure you  have   your   colorings  watermarked   for your protection too.  
If   you   desire to  be   a Coloring Without Boundaries Guest Colorist  please  type GC  after  your name on your  coloring entry.   
When the  monthly showcase  ends artist  Heather Valentin  and  some  members of her   Team will  select   Three colorists  to be  showcased.  Colorists could  receive  awards  for most improved, great  shading,  wonderful color palette  etc. So  remember colorist  from  any  age  and   skill level  will have  a chance to  win.
Prizes  will be  announced   at  our  next month's  challenge  which  will  start on Sunday Feb. 28.
We also would  like to  invite  you  to join us  at  our new  Heather Valentin's    Coloring  Without Boundaries  Facebook Group!   It is  a   fun filled  group  of  colorists   who  share their  g and  pg rated  colorings  in  a  friendly and   fun loving  community! We are also a  DRAMA FREE, BULLY FREE Coloring Community! This community is solely for the LOVE of coloring in a warm family friendly environment! Make  sure   upon  joining   you  read   our   guidelines  which  are pinned to the  top of  our  group's  page.

Now  it's  time  to  sit back grab  your   latte, tea or  favorite  beverage  and  enjoy  our  amazing   team  colorings  featuring the   artwork  of Heather Valentin of Lacy Sunshine.
Jaki -featuring  Lacy Sunshine's Kee Kee Guardian Fae of the Keys 

Mari  - featuring Lacy Sunshine's  Rory- Into the Jungle colored with Spectrum Noir

Julie O. featuring Lacy Sunshine's Lil Tumblz 

Linda K. featuring Lacy Sunshine's  Jocelyn  Spring Breeze

Lisa - featuring  Lacy Sunshine's   Snowdrop Bloomin Treasures colored with Copics

Denise - Featuring Lacy Sunshine's Exclusive  Bridonna's Secret  Enchanted Garden colored with Copics

Ginny- featuring Lacy Sunshine's Rory- Jitterbug colored with  Copics

Marine- featuring Lacy Sunshine's  Julep and Thunderpuff colored with colored pencils

Linda C.  - featuring   Lacy Sunshine's Gizelle-Showers Of Love Melancholy Moppet

Audrey- featuring   Lacy Sunshine's Lily Melancholy  Moppet  colored with Copics

Anet-  featuring  Lacy Sunshine's  Bamboo Forest Fairy  Ring  colored with Copics

Kitty- featuring  Lacy Sunshine's  Rory- Rory  Queen  colored with Promarkers

Gwen-  featuring Lacy Sunshine's   Gemma Hummingbird Coloring Sheet  colored with Prisma  colored Pencils
Make  Sure your  grab  our  badge below and  add it to your blog  with  a link  back to our  Coloring Without Boundaries Blog.
We hope  you  have    enjoyed our   new Coloring  Without Boundaries Showcase Blog.  Each day, all month  long, our  amazing Colorists and  Guest Artists  will share  tips and  coloring techniques  so please, bookmark  us and   check  back  daily. 

The  team and  I   thank  you   for embracing  the   love and  fun of  coloring and  our new  blog. Great   adventures wait  you here   each  and  everyday and  we  hope you love this new  journey  as  much as  we  are. 

Now we  invite you  to  grab  your pens, markers,  colored pencils and  crayons,  grab  your  coloring  books,  digital stamps/images and  start  coloring and  enter  it below  for your  chance  to  have  your  coloring  acknowledged and win some prizes.   

Have   fun  and  enjoy  the  wonderful  world of  coloring! We  can't  wait to  see what and how  your color. 

Have   colortastic day friends!
from  Heather  and  her Coloring Without Boundaries Coloring Team

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rory's World...

Hi gang!  Ginny here and I am using Heather's image 'Rory's World' to do a step thru of my coloring steps for skin.  You can find this image in the Lacy Sunshine shop HERE.    I have completed the coloring and a card with this image - you can find that on my blog RubberMAD.

This is the completed face -
but I want to go step by step with my process for her using Copics. Today I chose to use four colors - a light, mid tone, dark & a blush [see below].  My cardstock is Neenah Classic Crest - Cover Wt 80 - Super Smooth -Solar White.

Copics blend better when the paper is wet with ink.  For this reason,  I color only small areas at a time.  I start with my lightest color [Eoooo] and wet the area that will become the shadows - around the edges, under her hair and her hat.

Next I go in with my darkest skin tone - in this case [E21], and make a very thin area with flicks of the brush nib.

My third time over the area is with my midtone color [Eooo].

I lay the brush tip into the darkest color and flick out into the lightest tone.  This is the third layer of ink and the paper should be staying wet - thus blending pretty well.

At this point, I go back to my lightest tone to blend everything toward my light source [in this case, directly from the front].  These steps are repeated now from the beginning - light to dark to mid tones to finish blend with light.

Now I want to add my blush to her lips & cheeks [E93 this go around].  I flick from her temple toward the light source and then, using my lightest tone, blend it out further.  At this stage I may or may not cover what is left of the uncolored face - sometimes leaving a small area white is what I want to indicate reflected light.  I finished her face using the darkest tone to darken in her freckles.
Here again is the finished face... 

You can see I use a similar tactic with her hair.  
I have completed the coloring of the entire image and used Paper Tole with three copies of the image to create a 3-D card.  You will find that on my BLOG along with a description of how to achieve the look of the jeans material.

Create wildly and color with abandon!  ~ginny

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tie Dyeing

Tie Dying

Thinking back to the days of love beads, peace symbols and flower girls. Coloring Summer Hippie Emily from LacySunshine I wanted to capture the dresses worn back then. I came up with tie dye. Just coloring with my Copics, I couldn't get the effect I wanted, so I came up with this idea. First I found some embroidering type thread than I did this. Then I just tapped the color on with the little tassels.

This is what it turned out like.

Coloring jeans

Hi Coloring Friends!

Today I'm back with a new tip... This time on how to color jeans. 

I have used an image called Rory Movie Snacks - great image as it is the Oscar's coming up - right? 

So I start the outline using B97, adding it where I want to deepest shade. 

Then I go over it with B95 and then B93. 

Before I add my lightest color I go over the image again with the darkest B97, B95 and B93. 

This is what it looks like before I add the lightest color. 

And now I have added my lightest B91. 

And this is my Rory all finished!! 

I hope you got some useful tips on how to color - don't forget to share your own coloring on our FB page!! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rory's Tender Loving Care

Hello, fellow crafters.  Julie here from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers.  I have a tutorial to share with you today on how I color eyes with Copic markers.

First, I'll show you the finished project, using Rory's Tender Loving Care...

As previously stated, I colored Rory's Tender Loving Care with Copic markers.

You can only see one of Rory's eyes (I can just hear my mom saying, "Get your hair out of your eyes!"), but I thought a tutorial on that one eye, demonstrating eye color, would be helpful.  Here's how I do it:

With a large eye like this one, I try to use 4 colors.  On this eye,  I used B21, B23, B26, and BV25

Start with B21...

Add B23, leaving the bottom area with just the first color.

Add the 3rd color, in the case B26, concentrating more on the top of the eye, where it naturally appears darker.

Add the final color (BV25), as close to the eyelashes as you can.

Then, go over all 4 colors again with your lightest marker (B21) to blend them together:

Here's Rory's Tender Loving Care, with coloring complete, and made into a center step card.

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for visiting today. 

Check out this blog each day for wonderful tutorials, coloring, and tips. Then, check out the Coloring Without Boundaries group on Facebook for even more inspiration, support, and ideas. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Rory's Movie Snacks

Hi Everyone, Anet here.

Lights ... Camera ... Action

Today I want to share my colouring of Rory's Movie Snacks Hair.  

I start by making short flicks with my darkest Copic Marker.  

Secondly I extend the Hair Flick with my second Copic Marker and then blend it out with my Copic Marker E21.


I like to go back with my first two Copic Markers, because it makes the flicks darker.

My finished Rory's Movie Snacks Image

This Rory's Movie Snacks Image let me think about the Ocars and Movie Nights.  And of course ... some Popcorn just have to be around while you watch a movie.

Copic Colour Combo that I used 
to colour this adorable Rory's Movie Snacks Image:

Now it is all over to you and we are looking forward seeing your beautiful colouring.

Thank you for visiting today and have a wonderful weekend!


Anet x

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Emily Spring days

I am going to show you a quick and easy way i do the clouds using Pan pastels
I have cut out my random cloud shape and i have colored it in orange just so it show's up if i had of thought on i could of cut it out of colored card. I am using a stencil brush.
I gently work my way around  the tope edge of my cloud, dont worry about the loose powder.
Move your cut out cloud shape along so you are alternating where the cloud's are going
Keep working until you have got your work space covered. I then gently tap the excess powder onto a sheet of paper the i take a soft cloth and i wipe from the bottom of the picture up to the top and it gives you a really nice finish.
Here she is ready to put some greenery onto the bottom and onto the footpath.

I have just used chalk's here to add some texture to the footpath and the grass before i start to color the picture..
Here She is all finished Emily Spring days can be found in the  shoppe along with many other amazing images.