Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Aveline Secret Fluttering Garden

Hey there all friends of coloring!!

Today it's my turn to post and it is my first posting here at that... You normally find me on my own blog but today I'm here sharing some coloring with you. Aren't you all excited about Coloring without boundaries? I am - coloring soooo much fun and for everyone to share no matter what or how they color. Inspiration is found in everything!

I got this darling image from Heather to color - Aveline Secret Fluttering Garden. She's from Lady Heather's Secret Fluttering Garden Crafter's Candy Boxes.

I often color the face the first thing I do... depending on how dark or light the skin turns out I can pick colors for the clothes and the hair. 

When I color folds I normally go over them twice. I add the darkest color to where I want the deepest shades. Then I add my second darkest and my second lightest. My lightest color will not be used on the first round. On the second round I will go over all the colors again and then add the lightest color as well. That way I keep the parts I want lightest REALLY light. 

Here is another pic of just that - leaving the lightest parts white until I go over them the second time. 

Here is the skirt all done. Also added her hair, eye color and the greens on the legs. 

Here is the image all done... 

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Coloring cuddles! 


  1. OMG love everything, image, coloring, colors. Love fairies, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow she is stunning thank you for sharing your tut with us.

  3. Wow she is stunning thank you for sharing your tut with us.

  4. Love the colouring. Thanks for the tutorial too!