Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coloring water

Hi coloring friends!! 

Today I'm here and I'd like to show you how I color water. This is really not hard and you can use just about any colors you'd like. I have used blue for my water but you can add greens, browns or grays for different effects making the water dark, stormy, muddy or what not... 

This image is called Wix Summer Moon. 

I start off with a semidark blue color and fill in the black lines. 

I go over the lines a bit messy with a lighter blue. 

Add a bit of a sharper blue to the outlines of the darker shapes. 

Then I use a really light blue going over all the colors and blending them. 

So that was the first round... if you are happy then all is fine but I still felt this was a bit plain. 

So I started over with an even darker blue than the first time and then working through the colors again. 

As I realized I was a bit sloppy and not in such a good light i had troubles staying between the lines when coloring so I did the vegetation in a dark green color. Adding the darkest color in the shades. 

Added two more greens so I have a deeper contrast in the leaves. 

Starting on the "flower"... Using a dotting technique with a dark brown color.

Here I have added a couple of lighter colors as well... 

So I hope you liked my tips on coloring water! I really want to see you give this a try - it really fun and easy! 

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