Monday, February 8, 2016

Eleanor & Pickles Wishing Well...

 Hiya coloring fans!  I am Ginny - one of the new Colorists for Coloring Without Boundaries.
Coloring is one of my all time favorite past times!   When I am coloring, it pushes everything else out of my brain and I can't stress about things... that's a good place to be!  
What I hope to do with my posts here is to share what tips & techniques work for me using my weapon of choice - Copics.  Many of the basic concepts translate to any medium of choice, but some will be Copic specific.  Word of warning - my techniques change with my learning curve - I am ALWAYS on the look out for a better, more efficient, or totally new approach to improve my coloring... so what I have to share will change over time.  What is great about this new blog of Heather Valentin's, is that I know I am going to learn new things from this team she has assembled!  So hang on, we're gonna take this ride together!

For this project I am using the Lacy Sunshine Stamp - "Eleanor & Pickles Wishing Well" that I have linked for you.  This first picture is of the finished coloring of the image without background:

I thought this would be a good image to talk about shadows.

  • First step for me is to cement in my mind where my light source will be.   With this image I arbitrarily chose to have it coming over my left shoulder. 

  •  You can see here shadows are falling primarily on the right side of her legs and the hair curl on her forehead.

  • With her curly hair - shadows are going to be determined by figuring where the light will hit on the strands closest to the front and top.  There will be lots of little dark areas where the individual strands curl under.
  • The ruffles on her dress offer lots of shadow opportunities as do the backs of her shoes and her hair ribbon to help make these accessories look rounded.

  • With this final close-up you can see shadows have been added to the far right of her dress - again to help with the 'roundness' of the garment & because the light source is from over my left shoulder.
  • Looking at the stones in the well - shadows are added under and to the right of each stone.  
  • The light shining off the bucket is left of center and the posts are darker on the right edge.
  • My final touch was to add grey in the upper third of the whites of her eyes to help give dimension.  Because her head is tilted forward you will find her brow and lid provide some shade on her eyeball.
These are just some basic thought processes when you start to think about the direction of your light source.  It will surprise you how this attention to detail will bring dimension and contrast to your coloring!

Here are the final colors I used on this image:
I will be making a "Wishing You Well" card out of this image - and if you care to see the finished project you can see it at my blog RubberMAD.

Create wildly and color with abandon!   ~ginny

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