Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries - Beginning coloring Skin with Copics

Hi, I'm Linda. I've been coloring with Copics for about a year. I am no means perfect, and yes I'm still learning. I thought I would post this to help beginners learn how to color skin. This is my way and there are many more ways out there, but this works for me. I've tried to simplify my explanation because most things I have watched and learned from,  gives too much info for beginning people, it either scares them or frustrates them. So I hope this helps. 
First I look at the face and think about what part of the face should be the lightest which I have showed you by coloring those areas using E000 in the figure below.
To start I would color or all skin E000 but keeping the light areas in mind as I start adding darker shades.

Now I'm using E21 to go around the face using small strokes called flicking from outside at the hairline and flicking into the center of the face with leaving those light areas. I'm also doing the same thing around the nose as shown below.

Next I'll come back with my E000 and flick over the same area going over E21 and a small portion of E000,
Blending the two together until it is all a smooth service going from dark to light. The picture below shows these 2 blended.

Now I'm going to do the exact same thing but moving ro a darker color E11. You are going to flick right  over the E21 but these flicks will be shorter leaving part of the E21 showing. See figure below.

Now I'm going to take my E21 and go over the E11 and into the E21 blending the edges together.
You can touch up any spots you need too by using the same thinking. Sometimes the dark color washes out a little so you might want to go over it again. See figure below to see all 3 colors blended.

Now to continue to the rest of the skin you only need to follow this thinking. Stop and look at what would be light and what would be dark. This should at least get you started and you can learn many new ways by, watching what others do, checking out You tube coloring videos, and asking questions. 
Most people will help you out if you ask. I've learned  everything I know by doing these 3 things. I'm still learning things every day. 

I hope you enjoy my way of the basics of beginning coloring skin. I also want to thank 
Artist Heather Valentin at Lacy Sunshine for giving me this chance to meet all of you and for all of her wonderful images to color.

Thank you for reading. I wish you you all good luck and enjoy coloring.

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  1. Linda - a great post! I like that you did a narrow focus and really gave every step of your thinking/process. Your color choices are a new combo for me so I am going to try that out - I really like the results you get!