Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rory's World...

Hi gang!  Ginny here and I am using Heather's image 'Rory's World' to do a step thru of my coloring steps for skin.  You can find this image in the Lacy Sunshine shop HERE.    I have completed the coloring and a card with this image - you can find that on my blog RubberMAD.

This is the completed face -
but I want to go step by step with my process for her using Copics. Today I chose to use four colors - a light, mid tone, dark & a blush [see below].  My cardstock is Neenah Classic Crest - Cover Wt 80 - Super Smooth -Solar White.

Copics blend better when the paper is wet with ink.  For this reason,  I color only small areas at a time.  I start with my lightest color [Eoooo] and wet the area that will become the shadows - around the edges, under her hair and her hat.

Next I go in with my darkest skin tone - in this case [E21], and make a very thin area with flicks of the brush nib.

My third time over the area is with my midtone color [Eooo].

I lay the brush tip into the darkest color and flick out into the lightest tone.  This is the third layer of ink and the paper should be staying wet - thus blending pretty well.

At this point, I go back to my lightest tone to blend everything toward my light source [in this case, directly from the front].  These steps are repeated now from the beginning - light to dark to mid tones to finish blend with light.

Now I want to add my blush to her lips & cheeks [E93 this go around].  I flick from her temple toward the light source and then, using my lightest tone, blend it out further.  At this stage I may or may not cover what is left of the uncolored face - sometimes leaving a small area white is what I want to indicate reflected light.  I finished her face using the darkest tone to darken in her freckles.
Here again is the finished face... 

You can see I use a similar tactic with her hair.  
I have completed the coloring of the entire image and used Paper Tole with three copies of the image to create a 3-D card.  You will find that on my BLOG along with a description of how to achieve the look of the jeans material.

Create wildly and color with abandon!  ~ginny

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