Monday, February 15, 2016

Spotlight Coloring...

If you like this image - you can find it HERE.
Hey gang!  Today I want to share with you my coloring techniques with this super fun image called "Rory's Skateboard" by Heather Valentin.
This is a method I use called a "Spotlight" technique.  It can be achieved in a variety of ways, but in this case I used a rubber stamp by DeNami Designs with the dots in a circle.  Once stamped, all the coloring is done within that "spotlight".
From here, I want to walk you thru my coloring using my Copics...
Usually I choose my color palette by picking out a matching combo from my intended background - but this time I just looked at her and knew I wanted this blue/green combo.  You can see the exact colors on my chart in the picture.  I use 3 closely related shades of each color to blend and create the shadows.

In addition to the palette choice, I start my coloring with the area I feel is the most likely to go "wrong".  Usually that means I do the skin and hair first so that if I can't achieve the look I want, I can throw it out & start over.  This way I haven't lost all the time & effort of the rest of my coloring!  With this image I wanted to make sure her costume was what I envisioned.
Here I have finished her hair using the the darkest shade up under her hat & near the bows.  This allows the 'light' to bring the curve of her hair forward.

I will have this finished soon - mounted on a  card for my granddaughter.  You will be able to see it at my blog - RubberMAD.

 Create wildly and color with abandon!

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