Wednesday, March 30, 2016

foxglove blooming treasure

Hi caroline with you today  and i would like to share with you Foxglove blooming treasure which is an exclusive only to the art classes which can be purchased in store here

started off with c1, c2, t6, c7, rv00,  skin e0000, e50, e51, rv00
then added rv 66, rv 66 and rv19
started building up the foxglove with rvoo and rv02
added rv19 and rv00 to the throats
started on her outfit with c1, c2, t5, t6, t7 rv00, rv02 and black i also used rv 69, rv66 and rv00 for the sash over her arm
the leaves i used yg 01, yg00, yg 23 yg95

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Coloring showcase Feb 28

Hi everyone!  Hope you are off to having  a  fantastic  day!
First of all, I  want to  take  this opportunity  to   thank you   for  all  your  amazing   coloring entries. Brilliant  work!  I also   want to  thank my  amazing  coloring  team   for their amazing inspirations. You did another  wonderful   job ladies.

Now,  after  reviewing  all your  work, it's   time  to  announce  three  winners  each  will  receive  2  free Lacy Sunshine Digis  of their  choice.
#14 Granne for Outstanding Vintage/Distress color Palette

#18 Twinkling Little Star for best Monochromatic Palette

#30 Judy McKay for limited Color Palette.

with the titles of the  two  free digis you  would like  and in the  subject line-  I  won at Coloring Without Boundaries to  claim  your prizes.

Also my  Heather Valentin's Online  coloring classes  for markers, colored pencils and more are now  being  offered  in the   Lacy Sunshine Shoppe. 
There  you will   find    wide  variety of  my classes.

Now  let's  get   ready   for  some  flowery  inspirations  perfect to  get you in the mood  for  Spring from the colorists from the Lacy Sunshine Team.

Enjoy  and  don't  forget  once  your  done  viewing their  inspirations  grab  your pens or  colored pencils and  start coloring. Then  enter your coloring below  in our  month long  challenge   for  your chances  to win. You have  from now until March 26 to enter. Good Luck to all!
Have  a great  colorful day!

  Julie O

 featuring 'Brandy Wine and Thunder Puff' Esclusive to the January Garden Club


featuring ' 

featuring ' 

Artist Heather Valentin is giving an new online art class and this is an exclusive image called 'Tanya Tiger Spring Slumber'

Susie Boo Beach Girl

Spring has sprung and winter just will not give us a break here in PA.  Today is my day to post and I have chosen Susie Boo Beach Girl because she brought back such wonderful memories of when I was a young girl spending my time at the beach. You can find her in Lacy Sunshines Stamps website Here.

I do not have a finished project for you today, I have a step by step on how I color hair.  It has been a week long project of mine to practice coloring hair.  I have found that if I work section by section it is less intimidating for me.
As you can see from the picture half her hair is finished, working on the other half I look to see which hair is sitting in front and what is sitting behind....with that said I evaluate and take my darkest marker to add shadow lines to create depth as you can see in the next photo.
With these cast shadows the hair is now broken up into individual sections.  Taking the same color E18 I begin to flick in the shadow areas using the drawn shadow lines as a guide.
From this picture you can see that the hair is beginning to have some depth.  Grabbing my next lighter color E15 I add more flicks extending the E18 flicks and head towards the center of each section still leaving a gap.
Now we can start adding our highlights.  I am using my YR23 and extending the flicks a bit further, again leaving a bit of space.
To finish her hair up I added Y21, my lightest color for the highlights.  After adding this color I went back with my darkest color because sometimes it gets desaturated with the lighter colored markers.

Here is her hair all finished.  I think I will head back in to my craft room to finish her up so she can enjoy her time at the beach!  Happy coloring, see you next time!  Hugs, Jane

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rory's Daisy Love

Hi Everyone, Anet here and today I want to share my colouring of the Daisies.

I used Heather's
I just love these adorable Rory Images.

Here is my colouring
of the Daisies in the
following steps

Firstly I used my lightest Copic Sketch Marker and coloured the middle of the Daisy.

  I then came in with E18 and E15.

To blend out the Copic Yellow combination for the Daisies.  I started with my darkest colour. Moving on to the second darkest colour and ended with my lightest Copic Sketch Marker.  Using the lightest colour in the end is to get a good blending effect of all the colours.

I coloured the Daisy Petals with a Copic Sketch Marker combination of C1, C3 and Blender Pen.

Took a closer photo of the colouring of the Daisy Petals
and done some colouring of the Grass and Wood Fence
to let the Daisy stand out.


For the middle of Daisy I made small dots with my E18.

I coloured the Daisy Leaves with my favourite Copic Sketch Marker Green combination.  

My finished Rory's Daisy Love Image.

Copic Colour Combo that I used 
to colour this beautiful Rory's Daisy Love Image:

Now it is all over to you and we are looking forward seeing your beautiful colouring.

Thank you for visiting today and have a wonderful week!


Anet x

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daffe Dil Flower Pot Pretty

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Julie with you today from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers using a Lacy Sunshine image by the very talented Heather Valentin.

Here's the adorable Daffe Dil Flower Pot Pretty:

Here's a step-by-step of how I colored Daffe Dil Flower Pot Pretty --

I always start with skin, then hair. 

There isn't a lot of skin here, and I wanted her to be pale, so these are the colors I used for it:
E000, E01, E31, R20  Lips -- R21, R22   Eyebrow -- E11, E13
Eyes -- V12, V04, V06, V17
Hair -- RV21, RV23, RV25, RV29

Daffodils -- Y11, Y15, Y17, E15, E18

Leaves -- YG03, YG63, YG67, G99

All that's left is the pot.  Here's the colors --
Pot Base -- BV11, BV01, BV00, BV000
Top of pot -- BV11, BV13, BV17
Dots on pot, Y23, Y26, Y28

Here's Daffe Dil Flower Pot Pretty, made into a card.

Check out the Coloring Without Boundaries blog for wonderful tips and tutorials.  There's also a challenge you can enter with either colored pieces or finished projects. Check out the Coloring Without Boundaries Facebook group, too, for more inspiration, tips, and fun. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

woodland wisp wispy

Hi Gemma here with you again i would like to share with you Woodland wisp wispy which can be found here in the shoppe
She is a little cutie which can be used for all sorts of occasions.

Monday, March 21, 2016

poppy blooming treasure

 Hi caroline here with you again. Im using the gorgeous Poppy blooming Treasure.  I started off using y21 to put my light highlights in.
I then started on the hair with c1, c2 , t5, c6 t7
I slowly started building up the color in the poppies starting with r00, r11, r8, r14 and some darker r59 i also added some of the red r11 and r14 to her hair i also added a a real dark brown  to the base of the poppies.
The leaves were built up using yoo,  yg 95 yr25 yg01

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mayde's Big Surprise

Today is the first day of Spring.  Mayde Spring Cleaning Dust Bunnies has been busy getting ready for the first day of Spring and also for the week ahead.

But wait.....with all this cleaning and dust flying around, what are those pink ears peeking thru?  Well look at is Rory's Eggstra Delivery just in time to help the Easter Bunny deliver eggs this coming Sunday!  
These are just two of the wonderful images you can find at Lacy Sunshine Stamps.  Hope to see you soon! 
Here are the colors used for the two images.