Friday, March 11, 2016

Izzybella Boo's Button Flower~Welcomes Spring!

Izzybella Boo's Button Flower @Lacy Sunshine asks..... Have you noticed that the frozen earth is melting?  We are beginning to see the rebirth of nature all around.  Trees are budding, birds are singing and the crocus and daffodils are sprouting from beneath the soil.  While Izzybella is busy planting her flowers let's take a look on how we colored her skin...this fine Spring Day.

 I begin by laying down a foundation of color, using my lightest FS2.  Knowing that a face has shape and is not flat I begin to add shadows with my FS4.  Next I add a darker shadow color TN3 for cast shadows like in this picture.

Now I am going to start blending out that dark color with FS3 and I continue to blend until I no longer see a line of color.

Next I grab my FS9 doing the same blending until I am happy with the results.  It a bit dark at the moment but do not panic...once you add the hair color the skin tones down a bit.

Now grab the foundation color FS2 and blend the whole face out.  As you can see her skin has blended out nicely.  I added a bit of FS8 to her checks and it is on to the rest of the image.  Izzybella is finished planting so is Izzybellas' friend Jane Proffitt saying bye for now...hope you enjoyed your stay with us and please come back often for some great coloring tips or just to get inspired.

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