Saturday, April 30, 2016

Asian butterflies in Bloom

Hi caroline with you today and i would just like to share with you in pictureshow i have colored, this gorgeous, image, she is from the march secret garden club and can be purchased in the shop, she is called Asian butterflies in bloom .

I hope you will join me again next time. Bye for now

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rory Cherry Pickin

Hi Everyone, Anet here.

Today I want to share my colouring
of the basket with you.

I used Heather's

Here is my colouring
of the basket in the
following steps

First I coloured the whole basket with my lightest Copic Sketch Marker.  I always find that my colour combination blend easier.

Secondly I added my cast shadows with my darkest Copic Marker.

To blend the Brown Copic Marker Combination I start blending the previous darkest marker colour with my second darkest marker and ended with my lightest marker.

I went back for a second time with my darkest Copic Marker and end with my lightest marker.  I added a touch of Y11 and my own basket detail with my darkest marker.

My finished coloured

Copic Colour Combo that I used
to colour this beautiful
 Rory Cherry Pickin Image:

If you ever feel like you want to improve your colouring of Lacy Sunshine Stamps have a look at Heather's Online Art Classes for Markers and Coloured Pencils. 

Now it is all over to you and we are looking forward seeing your beautiful colouring.  You can enter your colouring in our Anything Goes Bi Weekly Challenge over at the Lacy Sunshine Blog.

But ... do not forget to come and have a look here what the Coloured Team have coloured for you.

Thank you for visiting today and have a wonderful week!


Anet x 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tori - Dare to be Different

Greetings, fellow colorists.  Julie here today from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers.  Today, I have the wonderful Tori - Dare to be Different to share with you, by the always talented Heather Valentin!

Here's a coloring tutorial on how I got that wild hair, using Copic markers!

I'll start with her skin tones: E000, E00, E04, E11, E21
There's a bit of R20 on her cheeks, and R21 & R22 on her lips...

Now, for the wild hair!  I started with my darkest color first - B99:

Then, I added B93, and RV 29

Next, V04 and RV25 are added.

 The last 2 colors I added were C01, and RV21.  

I decided she needed a bright outfit, too.  I used:
Gloves -- YG11, YG13, YG17
Sweater -- R11, RV32, RV34, E04, brightened with RV21 & RV23
Jacket/pants -- YR14, YR18, E15, E18
stripes -- YG11, YG15, YG17
Shoes -- B21, B23, B26, B28, YG11, YG13, YG17
Bricks -- E50, E31, E33, E34

All that's left is the skateboard and letters.  Better make it colorful!
Skateboard -- B00, B01, B04, B06
Heart -- R20, R22, R27, R29
Wings -- Y04
Wheels -- Y06, Y08, Y28
Letters -- FYG2, FYG1, FY1, FYR1

And, here is Tori - Dare to be Different  made into a card --

Check this blog frequently for wonderful ideas and tutorials.  There's so much to learn about coloring and the talented design team teaches me tricks all the time!  Join our Coloring Without Boundaries Facebook group, too!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cami Chamomile Flower Pot Pretties

Good Morning!  Jane here with Cami today.

Unfortunately, I do not have a step by step tutorial for you today.  I just get myself so wrapped up in coloring lately that I keep forgetting to take my step by step photos.  Me bad!😀
So I am going to introduce you to Lacy Sunshine's Classes.  There are so many to choose from for beginners and for those of you that have a knowledge in art and coloring.  There is no need to follow in the footsteps of Heather, you can work at your own pace.  The idea is to develope your own style while learning new techniques and practicing with your own colors.  For this picture I used green for the hair, something different for me and yes I need practice, but it is all about having fun.  Be an individual, step outside the box, don't be afraid because there is no right or wrong.  So if you have been thinking about taking a class now is the time click Here and let your new adventure begin. 
Here are the colors used for Cami. Hope to see you in the classroom!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rory It's All About The Flowers

Hi Everyone, Anet here.

Today I want to share my colouring of the grass.  

I used Heather's

Here is my colouring
of the grass in the
following steps

First I start by flicking with my darkest Green Copic Sketch Marker.  Yes LOL, at this moment it looks messy, but you will see it is going to come together at the end.


As mentioned in my previous colourings.  I always colour my skin and hair first.  You will also see, because I knew I want to colour the grass and it might go over the flowers and shoes, I coloured that as well.

Secondly I added my second darkest Green Copic Marker.  

Here I added my second lightest Green Copic Marker.  You can see that it is starting to look like she is sitting on the grass.

To blend the Copic colours I used my lightest green Copic Marker.  And whooo the grass is coloured.


If you want to catch up again on my colouring of the Daisies just visit my blog post here.

My finished coloured

Copic Colour Combo that I used 
to colour this beautiful 

If you ever feel like you want to improve your colouring of Lacy Sunshine Stamps have a look at Heather's Online Art Classes for Markers and Coloured Pencils. 

Now it is all over to you and we are looking forward seeing your beautiful colouring.  And oh yes ... from this point forward you are to enter your colourings in our Anything Goes Bi Weekly Challenge over at the Lacy Sunshine Blog.

But ... do not forget to come and have a look here what the Coloured Team have coloured for you.

Thank you for visiting today and have a wonderful week!


Anet x 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gizelle -- Melancholy Muppet

Hello, fellow colorists!  Julie O here today from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers.  Today, I'm showcasing a beautiful Lacy Sunshine digi by Heather Valentin.   I have a step-by-step guide of how I colored her skin in this image.

 Here's how I colored her skin.  I wanted it to be in shadow, as she is under an umbrella.  I used E000, E11, E00, E13, R20 (for blush), and R21 (on lips).

I start with a base coat of E000 to dampen the paper.

I then switch to my darkest color.  In this case, it's E13

Next, I add E11

Then, E00 -- I use quite a bit of this, to do more blending:

Here's the skin, completely blended, blush and lips done, too:

Other colors used:
Hair -- Y00, Y21, Y32, E53
Umbrella -- RV11, RV32, RV34, E04
Dress -- BG70, BG72, BG75, BG78, RV91, RV93, RV95, RV99
(shoes are the same RV combination)
Puddle -- BG10, BG11, C01
Zig Wink of Stella

This blog is a great resource for wonderful coloring tutorials and tips.  Check it out often!   Join the Coloring Without Boundaries Facebook group, too, for more great inspiration.   Heather is also offering online Art Classes -- check them out HERE.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coloring Showcase April 2, 2016

Hi everyone!  Hope you are off to having  a  fantastic  day!
First of all, I  want to  take  this opportunity  to   thank you   for  all  your  amazing   coloring entries. Brilliant  work!  I also   want to  thank my  amazing  coloring  team   for their amazing inspirations. You did another  wonderful   job ladies.
Now,  after  reviewing  all your  work, it's   time  to  announce  four winners  each  will  receive  2  free Lacy Sunshine Digis  of their  choice.

with the titles of the  two  free digis you  would like  and in the  subject line-  I  won at Coloring Without Boundaries to  claim  your prizes.

Also my  Heather Valentin's Online  coloring classes  for markers, colored pencils and more are now  being  offered  in the   Lacy Sunshine Shoppe. 
There  you will   find    wide  variety of  my classes.
Here  is  a  lil bit about my  online classes..... 

Heather Valentin's  Online Art Classes
For Markers and Colored Pencils and More

At  Heather Valentin's  online  art  classes, we  try  to  make the learning  process of the  art of coloring as  relaxed as possible. You learn at your own pace from a  teacher with over  25 years of experience  whose  toolbox of media ranges  from  oil paints  to pastels to  pencil and marker.  You can  start learning all of the  various techniques of  coloring without fear of   criticism.  We  try to  bring out the  artist  in you allowing you  create  your  own  artistic  style. Art has no  right or wrong. Art  should  suit you. So  come  give it  a try and  release  your inner  artist  under the  guiding and  nurturing  hand  of  artist Heather Valentin.

 All About The Classes

Each of class  comes with 2 exclusive digis plus worksheets.
Each of the lessons are for beginners to advanced.
Each of the lessons will cover a wide range of coloring products.. including colored pencils, alcohol markers and pastels, just to name a few:)
Each of our lessons come with tons of mini lessons demonstrating, undertones, depths, hues and values, shadows and highlights, various color combos, lightening, and techniques... each designed to bring out the artist in you.
Exclusive access to our private Sunshine art forum.
Live and prerecorded video session with Artist Heather Valentin.
One on one critiques and tips from our  artist.
Each student will have unlimited  access to classroom/lessons for life.
Certification upon exercise completions.
Also you will get an intimate look of each of her characters... learning more about each of them. From how they were created, their personalities and so much more from their creator, Heather Valentin.
As mentioned above these classes are about bringing out the artist in each of you.. whether your a beginner or more advanced colorist .. there is some thing for everyone to learn. The lessons are filled with techniques Heather and the other guest artists have learned over the years of their careers. We want to share with you the joys of art and coloring, how to embrace it and make it your own masterpiece.
Now  let's  get   ready   for  some  wonderful  inspirations  from the Lacy Sunshine Coloring Team.
Enjoy  and  don't  forget  once  your  done  viewing their  inspirations  grab  your pens or  colored pencils and  start coloring. From this point  forward  you  are to  enter  your colorings in our  anything gores bi weekly challenge  at our Lacy Sunshine Blog  for more chance to win. April 3rd starts the new  bi- weekly challenge.  Remember  please  check back often on this Coloring Without Boundaries  blog for coloring  inspirations and tutorials. Good Luck to all!
Have  a great  colorful day!


  Julie O

Lisa R.

Aletha W.

Jane P.